Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Cynism Galore

Ok. The following piece of literature is going to take everything to pieces. Break stuff. Dont read it if you cant handle some negativity mister.

"I'll have a Sania Mirza with extra hype and diet coke to go please...."
Now let me see. What's up? Sania Mirza. I mean come on. I might not have any moral right to say this but the dudette needs to loose some weight. And her backhand undoes everything her forehand tries to do. All that she has won is a junior wimbeldon event. I mean Sharapova is so much better. Well Sania IS the best we've ever got, but she certainly cannot be compared to Sachin. Its like comparing Ashton Kutcher to Al Pacino. And she talks like she's won the Noble Prize or something. And what's with that accent? Did she work in a Hyderabadi call centre? Why the phoney PR act? And those loud Tees. She's immature people. Not that I expect her to be mature. But we so need to stop iconising bimbettes like her. She's a pioneer alright. but look at the likes of Anjali Bhagwat, Malleshwari, Rajywardhan Rathore and many many more. I think Rathore's feat warrants more media attention than our Miss Biryani here. Why doesn't Rathore have a PR manager? Why dont Chinese ahtletes ever make it to the cover of Time? Simple. That's because Miss Hype is in it not just for the game. Allied interests. Media packaged patriotism. PR managed nationality. Deep fried interviews. Sania Mirza...with extra hype.

Su-Doku. Translation: Pee on your head....
The other day, I was browsing through the pages of a local daily. There i found a half page article on this new wannabe crossword. Its a game where you fill in numbers like you do letters in a crossword according to some rules. Allow me to be clear on one thing. This game is fun. I like it. Now it aint that good to write a half page article. People are obsessed. I mean its a game. Its not a new invention or something. Its some lame masscom graduate who wanted to do justice to her/his salary. With no stories left to cover, why not Su-Doku? But a game? The focal point of a half-page story. What wrong with people? Its a newspaper! What's next? Articles on mobile phone covers? Why do we love to make such a hoopla over such inconsequential things? Honestly the media has lost focus. They aint printing papers. They are printing money. And that's all they care about. Then maybe these are just fillers. You dont want to leave the other side of a full page HP add on how their supercomputer is helping genetic engineers in Berkeley; blank. Hell, lets put up articles on Su-Doku and Mallika Sherawat's new bustline. That'll keep their cash registers ringing. Ka-Ching!



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Blogger anish said...

So u wont be one of the people participating in the Pune sudoku tournament ? I aint kidding, there really is one !

11:20 am  
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